Night Ghost SiresEdit

Author: Scarkit
Sire Status: Just Started
How Many Books: 6
Titles: Morning's Dew, Most Wanted
Allegainces: NightClan, MidnightClan, MoonClan, DuskClan, Ghost Pack
Spellcheckers: None
Whiskerkit a kitten of NightClan, is the most powerful tom in his clan. He ansetoter is from The Ghosts.
Night Ghost Sires


  1. Morning's Dew: Whiskerkit of NightClan is most powerful tom but he falls in love with two she-cats Dewkit and Morningpaw of MoonClan.
  2. Most Wanted: Whiskerpaw's father is being wanted from Ghost Pack for killing their leader, what will Whiskerpaw and the other powerful cats do?

Author's NoteEdit

Their will be another set after this.

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