Morning's DewEdit

Author: Scarkit
Sires: Night Ghost Sires
Status: Just Started
Allegainces: NightClan, MidnightClan, MoonClan, DuskClan, Ghost Pack, Black Pack
Precceding: None
Secceding: Most Wanted
Spellcheckers: None
Whiskerkit of NightClan is most powerful tom in his clan, but he falls in love with two she-cats Dewkit and Morningpaw of MoonClan.


Morning, Sun, Knife, Burn, Cold, Beetle, Dew, and Whisker will be more powerful then any cat.

The Pack will destory any cat in their way

Two cats will brake the code and the rest won't


Four cats appear near SpiritClan Warming rocks.

Black tom said, "Moonstar, Midnightstar, and Duskstar who are the cats that should be powerful cats in each clan two from each clan. Tom and a she-cat/kit."

Moonstar said, "I say Morningkit and Sunkit of my clan they are not siblings. What about you Duskstar?"

Duskstar mewed, "I say Knifepaw and Burnpaw. Midnightstar your turn."

Midnightstar said, "I have to say Coldkit and Beetlepaw, finally your turn Nightstar."

Nightstar(the black tom) said, "Dewkit and Whiskerkit. What should be the prohecy."

Duskstar spoken, "Morning, Sun, Knife, Burn, Cold, Beetle, Dew, Whisker will be more powerful then any cat."

Moonstar mewed, "The Pack will destory any cat in any cat in their way."

Midnightstar said, "Two cats will brake the code and the rest won't."

Nightstar mewed, "That soundes good."

The other leaders agree and left.

Chapter 1: Whiskerkit's POVEdit

I was chasing Dagronkit, Fallenkit, and Dewkit around the nursery. My mother Owlheart and my brother Marshkit watching me do this. My sisters Wishkit and Wingkit laugh at Fallenkit as he falls down again.

Ivystar said, "Really, be nice to your clanmates both of you."

I roll my eyes as my siblings being scolded by my father. He always scolds them. I'm a perfect kitten

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