Leaf's LoveEdit

Author: Scarkit

Sires: Secret Sires
Allegiances: HawkClan, MoonClan, IvyClan, WillowClan, SnowClan, and FishClan

Procedding: None

Secceding: Forbinned Love
Status: Just Started
SpellCheckers: None
Leafpaw meets Crowpaw on the journay to the clans new terrtiory, they fall in love but its forbinned.


Icestar of HawkClan watch as the Twolegs destory the Sixtrees and more terrtory of the Clans. Willowstar, Shinestar, Ivystar, Frozenstar and Poundstar came over to Icestar.

Shinestar mewed, "We should have listen to Bramblescar, Squrrielpaw, Crowpaw, Tawnyheart, and Stormpoppy."

Icestar said, "We are leaving now oh k."

Crowpaw mewed, "I'm glad, I'll tell the others."

Crowpaw walk away to tell Bramblescar, Squirrelpaw, Tawnyheart, and Stormpoppy. Sandfern walk up to Icestar and the other leaders.

Chapter 1: Leafpaw POVEdit

I walk with my mentor Cinderflame and my little sister Amberkit.

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